Nextlink Sting Rey June 15, 2022
Internet Service Provider (ISP) Startup: Brand Design and Development + Integrated Campaign

Daniel Gilbert, Founder & CEO, had a smart business plan, investment backing, and the vision to develop a new ISP that would offer high-speed service to rural communities throughout Texas and beyond. Nextlink Internet needed a brand name, tagline, competitive positioning, strategy, and marketing campaign to announce an “easier” and better option for high-speed Internet.

With competition like AT&T, HughesNet, Verizon and Suddenlink, Nextlink needed to be taken seriously from the beginning.

Brand Development - Logo/Brand ID System - Competitive Research - Insight Discovery - Strategy - Positioning - Outdoor Signage - Corporate Website - Packaging - Social Media Campaign - PPC Campaign - Vehicle Graphics - Sales Collateral - Landing Pages - Analytics Reporting

Almost a decade ago, Nextlink launched their business to compete with the “big guys” with an exciting new brand identity, positioning and strategy. With the campaign titled “Easy,” the target demographic in our target market responded extremely well. Faster internet service for rural areas just got a lot easier.

Today, Nextlink has grown to serve rural communities throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Illinois. The original brand mark and logo have stood the test of time from onset to present day. Good ol’ fashion American success! Texas style.

Nextlink Internet

Agency: Street Dog