About me pilotfish February 6, 2020

It’s really not about us... but here's the nuts and bolts

It’s really not about us... but here's the nuts and bolts

Formerly known as Street Dog, we are Pilotfish. and we're all about you, your brand and business growth. It’s your story that we want to tell in the most creative and meaningful ways. We aspire to be your brand partner, marketing leader, consultant and creative resource for your brand’s development and growth.

We focus on building great relationships, and our team offers more than 20 years experience in advertising, marketing strategy and brand development. We create and activate digital and social media campaigns that net measurable results. We help businesses get past obstacles, reach their goals and achieve success. See Our Work.

Deep in the heart

We are an Austin, TX based digital marketing agency that designs and develops strategic ad campaigns that deliver targeted results. Big agency ideas, boutique agency account service.

In town? Tacos on us!

Experience Gets It Done

We bring you decades of experience, award-winning creative talent and top-tier technical teams to maximize your goals and strategically solve your business challenges. We lead with empathy, not ego.

Great Relationiships

We’re looking for great relationships. They’re critical to any partnership and together we’ll swim with the sharks and fly to the moon. Our clients become friends and become clients again. Cheers to that!

Our process is defined and remains consistent from brand development to campaign creation.


Your vision and goals can be realized through proven processes and planning.

Our approach and processes influence and inspire consistent results on everything from brand design and development to website development to social media campaigns.

We are your finely tuned lead-gen machine. We test, measure and adjust your campaigns for optimal performance.


We are responsible stewards of our client's marketing dollars. We spend like it's our own.

Whatever realistic budget you’re working with—we will get the most bang for your buck. We compare project goals with performance and adjust accordingly to gain and maintain the best possible traction. Insight and data direct the path to success. It’s all about you and your success.

What gets measured, gets better. We deliver comprehensive analytics and recommendations every month.


Brand impressions are valuable, but conversions pay the bills.

Performance data and analytics are verifiable proof that your marketing is working for you. With real-time evaluation and monitoring, we adapt and react to what is working best for you.

We translate our findings into ideas and direction we think will have the most inspirational attributes.


We fine tune the best conceptual ideas and prepare final concepts for your approval.

We think vastly as we work to discover new insights that fuel our creativity. We marinate and articulate before thinking critically. From conception to creation, activation to measurement— you will be excited to see concepts come to life and go to work for you.

We create ideas that take your brand to higher elevations