ZT Precision Sting Rey April 1, 2023
Precision Manufacturing Startup: Brand Development Project

ZT Precision is a fairly new competitor in the Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, and Robotics specialty parts manufacturing space. They are smaller than most of their competitors, not in a bad way, but in a good way. They needed to articulate their brand story, identify competitive advantages, and develop their entire brand identity, strategy, and competitive position from the ground up. Pilotfish was hired to design and develop a brand that will stand the test of time and position ZT Precision for success. 

WEBSITE: www.ztprecision.com
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Pilotfish designed and delivered a strong brand ID and competitive position that clearly articulates the companies history, expertise, capabilities, and brand story. But most importantly, communicate their unique value proposition. Through our insight and research discovery process we found that ZT Precision is more accurate, agile, and accountable than most of their competitors.

ZT Precision now competes with the older, more established, players in the manufacturing industry by offering unique and specialized expertise in precision manufacturing, with a strong focus on solving complex engineering challenges. We prioritized communicating the speed and agility in their processes, which allows them to quickly adapt to changing demands and customer needs. Additionally, their strong relationships with government defense contractors and reputation as a trusted manufacturing partner for companies like Raytheon gives them a serious competitive advantage. Finally, they continuously improve their processes and technical capabilities to consistently deliver high-quality products, quicker and more efficiently than many of the more established manufacturers in the United States. 

ZT Precision

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