Island Bamboo Sting Rey April 2, 2023
Global Kitchenware Manufacturer Brand Refresh + Site Design

Wilshire Industries, Inc., a global manufacturer of Island Bamboo™ (PAKKA Wood) kitchenware, approached us for a brand refresh and website. The current site had not been updated in many years and was developed by a former employee on Squarespace. It was a very basic site with more copy than images. To say the least, the site was long overdue for a fresh design and organization. We were hired to beautify the site visually, but also create a site that would be an effective tool to attract more retail partners. We also wanted to reinforce the brand’s promise as the company continues to grow their global footprint. 

The site needed to be live before The Inspired Home Show in Chicago March 16-19, 2023. Island Bamboo would showcase the latest products to a global audience as an exhibitor at this year’s show. Island Bamboo products are beautifully unique, eco-friendly and fully-functional and deserve to be marketed as such online and offline.

Brand Refresh - Copywriting - Competitive Research - Insight Discovery - Product Naming - Photography Organization - Photo Editing - Strategy - Positioning - Website Design + Dev

We went to work and organized the Island Bamboo products into what we recommended to be called “Collections.” The Island Bamboo kitchenware Collections are now showcased on the website in a well-organized and artfistic way. The reactions and feedback we received from many Wilshire Industries stakeholders was humbling, and appreciated. The many hours of thinking, strategizing, organizing, designing, and building an eye-pleasing website paid off. And will continue to payoff for Island Bamboo for years to come. 

Since The Inspired Home Show in Chicago, the company has new interest from boutique retailers and huge grocery store chains in the Untied States, Europe, and Australia. The company also has interest from international buyers from Walmart. 

“Man, this is looking good! Great work.”  — CEO of Wilshire Industries

Island Bamboo

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