Alpha Ammunition Sting Rey February 21, 2022
Munitions Manufacturer Brand Development

The mission of Alpha Munitions, a B2B start-up, was to succeed in the firearms ammunition market with a superior product line of munitions casings. In order to compete and capture the attention of future strategic manufacturer partnerships, the company needs to immediately develop a strong brand identity and strategic positioning that will support its entry into the market. We were delighted to have been asked to design and develop the Alpha Munitions brand from the ground up.

Project Scope

Just in time for the 2016 Shot Show in Las Vegas, NV, we recommended and developed a unique brand strategy, ID and position. The team needed an impressive brand to start networking with potential network partners and customers.

During a very short period of time to meet the Vegas show deadline, we were able to create and execute an outward image and online presence to a high level.

In our view, Alpha Munitions will become a brand that major brands will expect, and be comfortable with partnering with. AM’s main objective was to position itself as a new and
emerging leader in the industry.

Brand Positioning + Strategy Development - Logo/ Brand ID - Tagline - Competitive Research - Insight Discovery - Website Design/ Development - Copywriting - Photography - Art + Creative Direction - Sales Print Collateral

Today, Alpha Munitions is a brand that commands authority in the precision rifle and brass categories nationwide and beyond. During our research and discovery phase, we identified an own-able brass grade (better than the quality “Match” grade) and we were able to create a top-tier munitions “Alpha Grade” category born from the company’s tagline – American Made. Alpha Grade. With more than 12,000 Instagram followers the company continues to leverage its social media platforms to profitably engage with the precision shooting community, stakeholders and influencers.

Alpha Munitions

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